Nate Johnson


I am an engineer by trade, but love the outdoors. I was born in Colorado and then moved to Nevada where I grew up in a small little country town of Fallon. After graduating from the University of Nevada in engineering I had a few jobs, but have been working for my latest for over 5 years. This was my greatest venture because not only am I working for a company that is defending our freedoms and keeping our military safe, but I also met my wife!

Until meeting her I have been an avid outdoor enthusiast, who enjoys hiking, target shooting, hunting and spending time at our ranch. Now I’m not the typical everyday cowboy, but have been supporting my wife and our ranch with all the behind the scene tasks, doing all the fun stuff like mucking, grooming and feeding the horses, along with the sheep, cows and other animals. I do enjoy riding with her on trails and go to barrel races and ropings for support.

I decided to apply for this model search for a few reasons. One, I’d like to take a different path and instead of being “behind the scene” be on the front cover of some magazines. Two, I hear constantly that I should be a model and have never thought of myself that way, but when random people tell me this I thought “hey maybe I should give it a shot!” Speaking of random people, I was in our local grocery store a few weekends ago, doing my weekly shopping, and a man stopped me and asked me “ Hey are those Kimes Jeans, how do you like them?”. It was really cool that someone else knows of the brand and recognized the jeans.

I would love for the opportunity to represent the brand and did notice that in the past the winners have been women. I believe its time for a man to step up and be the model for Kimes. Worst case, I’ll see you all at the NFR and buy some more jeans!