Mikyla Hogno

My name is Mikyla Hogno and I live in Ipswich QLD! I am a vibrant, positive 19 year old I and currently work full time at the Leichhardt Pharmacy, whilst completing my level 1-2 Pharmacy. I have grown up with horses on a Quarter Horse stud, and with my father being a Farrier/Blacksmith I naturally became very horse orientated and would often be found hanging around in paddocks and hugging horses legs at a very young age! After a foundation of hacking, showjumping and pony club events to establish my riding skills, I ventured into the sport of rodeo, and immediately fell in love. I am a keen rodeo competitor, I compete nearly ever weekend of the year, and work horses every day. I travel with mainly the National Rodeo Association and Australian High School Rodeo Association with the exception of some Australian Professional Rodeo Association or National Barrel Horse Association events.

Rhondhu Roxlena Spin(Cooper) is my partner, we compete in the barrel race, breakaway roping, pole bending and steer undecorating. I am also a hazer and haze for many steer wrestlers and steer undecorators very successfully, it’s something I really enjoy. Cooper came to us as a three year old and we had him broken in and my dad began training and working him. It wasn’t until I lost my old horse that I eventually claimed Cooper from my dad (much to his disappointment)! We are a strong team, however we do have our hiccups, of which I’m sure everyone does!


  • 2014 NRA Steer Undecorating Champion
  • 2014 NRA Steer Undecorating Round Winner
  • 2014 NRA Steer Undecorating Finalist
  • 2014 NRA Barrel Racing Finalist
  • 2014 AHSRA Polebending, Breakaway Roping & Barrel Racing Finalist
  • 2013 NBHA Open 1st Division Finals Champion
  • 2013 NBHA Fastest Time of the Finals
  • 2013 NBHA Round 2 and 3 Winner
  • 2013 NRA Jnr Breakaway Runner Up Champion
  • 2013 NRA Jnr Barrel Race Finalist
  • 2013 NRA Open Barrel Race Finalist
  • 2013 NRA Steer Undecorating Finalist
  • 2013 NRA Ladies All Round Finalist
  • 2013 NRA 16-18 Years Pole Bending Champion
  • 2013 NRA 16-18 Years Barrel Race Runner Up Champion
  • 2013 AHSRA Finalist - Barrel Race & Pole Bending
  • 2013 AHSRA Pole Bending Round Winner
  • 2012 NBHA Toorbul Jnr Series Division 1 & 2 Runner Up Champion
  • 2012 GHRA Jnr Barrel Racing Champion (Undefeated in this event at this Association)
  • 2012 NRA Rodeo Princess
  • 2012 NRA Miss Overall Rodeo Fundraiser
  • 2012 NRA Miss Rodeo Princess Fundraiser
  • 2012 NRA Jnr Barrel Racing Finalist
  • 2012 NRA Jnr Barrel Race Finals Round Winner