Jay Davis

I am not your average competitor. I cannot rope, wrestle or tie-down a calf. I ride, but not well. And you’ll never find me on the back of a bucking horse or bull. But, what I can do, I do well – and that’s freeze time.

My name is Jay Davis. I am a rodeo and equine photographer out of Norco, California. I have been an avid photographer for most of my adult life, and most recently in the past 4 years have begun the adventure and challenge of shooting rodeo/equine sports. I am a permitted photographer with the PRCA and continuously seeking new avenues to promote and share my passion with.

I may not be the competitor you had in mind, but I hope this outline of my qualifications and portfolio may change your mind.


  • PRCA Pro Rodeo Photographer
  • Photographed over 100 rodeo/equine sports – to include 6 PRCA events by the end of your contest deadline
  • Published prints in various rodeo/equine advertisements, magazines and websites