Holly Favour

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My name is Holly Favour, I am a professional barrel racer, I also have experience in sales and visual merchandising as well as dabbling in some modeling here and there.  I grew up in Prescott, Arizona which is where I call home today, when I'm not off chasing pavement and on the rodeo trail that is.  I started competing in rodeos when I was eight but my love for horses came long before that.  I began with junior rodeos then high school rodeo and eventually onto the pro rodeos.  Now my horses, barrel racing and the rodeo lifestyle have become such a huge part of who I am I simply just couldn't imagine my life any other way.

I’ve always had much pride in my longtime cowboy roots which have lead me to where I am today. Starting with my ranching and cow trading Grandfather, my agricultural realtor father, who is also responsible for bringing rodeo into both me and my sisters lives and it continues on through to my bronc riding brother-in-law. Talk about big boots to fill. Then along came my other brother-in-law, World Champion Steer Wrestler, Luke Branquinho. So you see I come from a long line of achievers and doers. Now it’s my turn, on my journey down the rodeo road there are long days away from home, tons of new and exciting places, and many more important decisions, like what to wear!

I have been blessed in that my life thus far has been full of great opportunities allowing me to do what I love, however I’d like to further pursue the career path I have chosen to make it even more memorable and successful.  I think that this would be the ultimate commencement of my passions; horses and fashion.  Enclosed is my novice portfolio and novice only in the form of construction, but expert in diligence and ambition. My desire to photographically represent the western lifestyle has nothing to do with who I may or may not be related to, but rather my own fervor to be a success at what I have a passion for.