Garret Lange

My name is Garret Lange and I am 24 years old. I was born in Reedley, CA and went to school in Kingsburg, CA. Both small towns about 10 minuets a part. 

I also work for my dad doing construction. We build shops, pole barns, and custom horse barns. My dad also rode bulls when he was my age so he know how it is and that I would be missing a lot of work. I also try and keep he updated on when I'll be gone.

In my spare time when I'm not at a bull riding or working I like to go fishing, hunting, team rope, and I just started doing a little breeding with my bucking bulls. When I retire from bull riding I want to stay in the bucking bull business and become a stock contractor. 

I have had a good start to my bull riding career. Winning some big bull ridings and placing at big rodeos against the top guys in the world. I ride bulls in the PBR Touring Pro division, PRCA, and any open bull ridings I can go to that pay good money. My main goal and what I am most focused on is making it to the big leagues of the PBR the Built Ford Tuff Tour and I plan on doing so this year. I have been working hard getting on practice bulls and working out non stop trying to better my self to obtain my goal.

Career Highlights

  • 2000- 2nd place in the year end calf riding in WBRA
  • 2007- went to a bull riding school and rode the first two bulls I ever got on
  • 2008- 1st place in Lincoln, CA (jr rodeo)
  • 2011- 1st place in Lathrop, CA (CCPRA rodeo)
  • 2011- finished in the top 10 for the year in the CCPRA
  • 2011- 2nd in Ventura, CA (PRCA rodeo)
  • 2012- 3rd place in San Francisco, CA (PRCA rodeo)
  • 2012- 3rd place in Redding, CA (PRCA rodeo)
  • 2012- 3rd in Almosa, CO (PRCA rodeo)
  • 2012- finished in the top 10 in the CA circuit for the PRCA
  • 2012- 1st place at the biggest open bull riding in CA (springville)
  • 2012- 3rd place in Redding (PBR)
  • 2012- 3rd place in Bakersfield, CA (PBR)
  • 2013- 3rd in Bakersfield, CA (PRCA rodeo)
  • 2013- 2nd in Merced, CA (open bull riding)
  • 2013- 1st in Grangeville, ID (open rodeo)
  • 2013- 2nd in Kernville, CA (open bull riding)
  • 2014- 1st in Bakersfield, CA (PBR)
  • 2014- 3rd in Industry, CA (PRCA rodeo)
  • 2014- 1st in Riverdale, CA (PRCA rodeo)
  • 2014- 3rd in Placerville, CA (open bull riding)
  • 2014- 1st in Mariposa, CA (CCPRA rodeo)