Kimes Ranch Family

We at Kimes Ranch are very proud to support these established horsemen and women. We pride ourselves on being a brand as well as a family. We choose our extended family members very similarly to how we choose the makings on our jeans. We look for quality, strength and charm, and most importantly, a great sense of humor!

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Shadd Parkinson

Shadd is a Montana boy at Heart.  He now lives in Arizona with his wife Mckenzie and their daughters Gracie and Hadley.  Shadd specializes in Reining, Working Cow Horse and Ranch Horse Pleasure.  He also has a very rowdy group of non pro riders!

Q) Do you have any special talents?
A) When putting clothes away, I always grab the exact correct amount of hangers.  Always!

Q) I have a weird fear of…..
A) People holding snakes.  I’m fine with snakes, but if someone is holding them, not so much.

Q) Are you ever told you look like someone famous?
A) I'm told that I look like a combination of Brad Pitt, Jake Gyllenhaal with a pinch of Steve Buscemi.

Q) What do you love most about your Kimes Ranch Jeans?
A)    The knife pocket!

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Brad Lund.jpg

Brad Lund

Brad is from LaCygne, Kansas and lives there with his wife Amy and son Garett.  Brad specializes in Working Cow Horse and Rope Horses.

Q) If you could ask your horse any question, what would it be?
A) Are you sore, or just being a jerk?!

Q) Have you ever been told you look like someone famous?
A) Isn't it obvious?  I look like Vince Vaughn.

Q) What do you like the most about Kimes Ranch Jeans?
A) I like the way they fit! (and, my wife says I look great when walking away!)

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Bud Lyon

Bud lives in Tioga, Texas and specializes in Reining and Working Cow Horse.  Bud is from the West Coast and relocated to Texas 5 years ago.

Q) What do you love the most about being a horse trainer?
A) I love solving the puzzle that is each individual horse. Some puzzles, however, are easier to solve than others.

Q) If you could ask your horse any question, what would you ask them?
A) Why do you ride well all week until the day we want to shoot a video?

Q) What do you love the most about Kimes Ranch Jeans?
A) The waistband stays around my middle when I ride; the jeans don’t ride up the way other brands do.

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Debbie Cooper.jpg

Debbie Cooper

Debbie has spent most of her life in Arizona.  She is a very accomplished horsewoman, and she specializes in just about everything.

Q) Do you enjoy Karaoke? If yes, what is your go to song?
A) I love Karaoke!  I have two top songs I always sing, "Private Dancer" by Tina Turner and "Me and Bobby McGee" by Janis Joplin.

Q) If one song could play as your anthem every time you walked into a room, what song would that be?
A) That’s easy, Bob Seger’s “Old time Rock N’ Roll.”

Q) What do you love the most about Kimes Ranch Jeans?
A) I love the way the jeans still make me feel sexy after I have been at a show all day.  The jeans are great to transition from horse show to dinner time, with one easy change of shoes.

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Jessica Bein.jpg

Jessica Bein

Jessica is from Scottsdale AZ.  Jessica specializes in working western horses within NRHA, AHA and AQHA.

Q) Who was your first crush?
A) I met a sweet blonde haired, blue eyed boy when I was 2 and married him when I was 19!  The best decision I ever made.

Q) Do you enjoy Karaoke?
A) Based on the fact that showing horses has so many uncontrollable variables that interfere with the possibility of success, I choose to limit my public displays of imprecations to a bare minimum..  The short answer, ABSOLUTELY NOT!  

Q) What do you love the most about Kimes Ranch Jeans?
A) I love the way they fit!  I like the rise in the waist, the length in the leg, and the weight of the denim.  They just look good!

Leslie Lange.jpg

Leslie Lange

Leslie is from Greeley, Colorado.  She and her husband Tom own and operate T and L Quarter Horses. Leslie specializes in AQHA and APHA all-around horses.  Along with a successful horse training business, Leslie and Tom own Flying Diamond PRCA Rodeo Company.  They have bucking stock in a lot of top PRCA events!

Q) The first thing I do in the morning is?
A) Put on my glasses!  That way I can see myself to the kitchen to do the second thing, get a cup of coffee! Fairly boring, but very predictable!

Q) If you could ask your horse any question, what would it be?
A) Are you happy?  A happy horse is more willing to perform to their utmost ability, so, that is my most important question.  Hopefully, they all answer YES!

Q) What do you love most about Kimes Ranch Jeans?
A) The fit!  The quality of the denim is outstanding, and I love that they don’t drag the ground behind when I don’t have my spurs on, what a great design.  They look good both in the ring, and going out.

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Martin Meuhlstatter.jpg

Martin Muehlstaetter

Martin now lives in Arizona with his wife Kim and daughter Sydney.  Martin is originally from Austria.  Martin specializes in NRHA and training peacocks.  

Q) Do you have any special talents?
A) I am strangely good with birds.  I train peacocks on the side and have sold several over the years.

Q) Where is the best place you have ever lived?
A) I love it here in Scottsdale, AZ.  The weather is great.

Q) What do you love the most about Kimes Ranch Jeans?
A) They last.  It’s nice to have jeans that I can rely on.  

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Mike Berg.jpg

Mike Berg

Mike is from Temecula, Ca.  He and his wife Kristi have been married for 12 years and have two boys.  Mike specializes in Reining and Working Cow Horses.

Q) Do you have any special talents?
A) I can juggle really well.  Like freakishly well.  I am self taught.

Q) What is the first thing you do when you wake up in the morning?
A) I lean over and kiss my beautiful wife Kristi. 

Q) What do you love the most about our jeans?
A) They last!  I can’t tell you how often I was going through jeans prior to being introduced to your jeans.  Now, I never worry that I will wear a pair out.

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Patrick Flaherty.jpg

Patrick Flaherty

Patrick specializes in aged event reining horses and non-pro reiners.  Patrick is from Washington originally and moved to Arizona after High School to pursue his career as a professional horseman. He and his wife Janelle have a 3 year old son and a newborn baby girl.

Q) What is the best place you have ever lived? And why?
A) Scottsdale is by far the best place I have ever lived.  I fell in love with the area when I came to work for Al (Al Dunning) and then had a time away in Montana.  I knew if there was ever a chance to move back, I would jump on it.  I have been here since 2006 and don’t plan on leaving!

Q) Have you ever been told you look like someone famous?
A) When I grow my mustache (see my photo), I have been told I look like Tom Selleck. I have even signed an autograph!

Q) What do you love the most about Kimes Ranch Jeans?
A) Well, I get a lot of attention on my behind from the ladies!  They all like to look at my “horns”, its always a bonus to get attention from the ladies! 

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Robin Frid.jpg

Robin Frid

Lives in Denton, Tx with his Wife Jenny.  Robin specializes in Youth and Amateur All-Around competition at AQHA events.

Q) How would you describe yourself?
A) Not really sure how to define myself, but I will take a stab at it.   I am very focused and determined to achieve my goals, with the main goal being to never sacrifice my personal values to achieve any goal. Though there are few, my close friends are very important to me.  I value loyalty, it is very important.

Q) Who was your first crush?
A) This takes me way back, but I have to say Alyssa Milano.  Getting to the TV as a kid to watch ‘Who’s the Boss’ was a race.  
A) First Kiss?
Sadly, I cannot remember my first kiss.  I guess it was not that memorable, nor was it with Alyssa Milano.

Q) What do you love the most about Kimes Ranch Jeans?
A) I love the way my wife says I look in them.  The rest is just gravy!

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Steve Meadows.jpg

Steve Meadows

Steve specializes in Western Pleasure and Western Riding.  Although lately, he has been drawn more towards Reining and Ranch Horse Pleasure.

Q) What do you enjoy the most about being a horse trainer?
A) That moment when the horse and I bond and start understanding each other.

Q) My weakness is……..
A) Dairy Queen!

Q) What do you love the most about Kimes Ranch Jeans?
A) They are American made and alll the cool kids are wearing them!

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Wade Parks

Wade and his wife Carly own and operate Parks Show Horses in Colbert, Georiga.

Wade specializes in Western Pleasure and All-around horses for AQHA and APHA.

Q) Fill in the blank.  “I love it when _____”
A) I have a day off!

Q) Do you have a weakness?
A) I have a small addiction to Reese’s Chocolate Eggs.

Q) What do you love the most about Kimes Ranch Jeans?
A) They are comfortable and durable, yet sharp looking.

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Wade Spell

Wade lives in St. Louis with his wife Laura.  Wade specializes in pleasure horses and performance horses in APHA.

Q) Do you have any special talents?
A) I’m highly skilled at carnival games.

Q) Who was your first crush?
A) I had a huge crush on Marcia Brady!

Q) What do you love the most about Kimes Ranch Jeans?
A) The jeans have a great quality and fit.  I can work in them all day, and then wear them out at night,  great jean.

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jason glass

Hometown: High River, Alberta, Canada

Birthday: December 15

Discipline: Chuckwagon Racer and Stuntman

Accomplishments: Calgary Stampede Champion and 4 Time WPCA World Champion

What advice would you give someone looking to take up your discipline?

Head over to the World Professional Chuckwagon Association website, watch videos and really educate yourself on what the sport is, the cost and the commitment. Also, get in touch and let's talk about it! We're always happy to share the knowledge and facts of our sport. 

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bill norwood

Bio Coming Soon

warwick schiller

mike solberg

Nickname: Lumberjack

Birthday: October 16

Hometown: Sunnynook, Alberta, Canada

Discipline: PRCA/CPRA Bareback Rider

Advice for someone looking to take up your specialty/discipline:

Talk to people you look up to in your event, everyone is willing to lend a hand, and give input into what the individual should do. Ask about equipment, techniques and find what suits you. 

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matt armenta

Bio Coming Soon

jade keller

Bio Coming Soon

Brandon davis

Specialty/Discipline: Bull Rider

Bio Coming Soon

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Kellie Hinley


Bio Coming Soon


Hometown: Grenfell, Saskatchewan, Canada

Specialty/Discipline: NRCHA

2015 Reserve Open Snaffle Bit Champion

2014 Level 1 Open Snaffle Bit Champion


What advice would you give someone looking to take up your specialty/discipline?

Work hard. Go and work for somebody you idolize or mentor. Learn all you can from them, not just inside the arena but outside, business wise, dealing with clients....everything! Take in as much as you can and always work hard and do the best you can. It will pay off!

Wylene Wilson Davis 

Specialty/Discipline: Horse Trainer Clinician
Birthday: September 9
Hometown: Mesa, AZ
Words of Wisdom:
My best advice for someone who is deciding to train a Mustang is know your limits and educate yourself before you dive in headfirst. If you're not familiar with Mustangs, or how to train horses in general I would not recommend this for you. You must be comfortable at the walk, trot, and canter. If you're not well prepared with proper tools, knowledge and experience, you might have your "Hands Full" starting off . And we sure don't want that, so educate yourself and be comfortable in the saddle as well on the ground. Your horse will look to you to be the leader, and if you are not holding the position the horse will then become the leader.
Mustangs are quite different from domesticated horses. They have their challenges, and fears... So if you find yourself frustrated, enlist the help from someone you trust. Ask a mentor, friend or even another horse trainer to be of assistance. But most of all remember the horses are here to teach us, they ultimately give us an experience we will never forget. If you work hard, stay diligent, and never quit, it can become one of the best experiences of your life.
In fact it has changed my life completely, all because of a wild horse

Facebook: Wylene Wilson Davis or
Wildwest Horsemanship
Twitter: Sugarponi
Instagram: Sugarponi
•3 time Mustang Makeover Champion
•Wild Horse Wild Ride Cast Members
•Mustang Millionaire cast
•Craig Cameron Extreme Cowboy Race Champion

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Chris dawson

Bio Coming Soon

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