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Courtney Hall

Marketing Communications Assistant


Credentials: B.S. in Agricultural Communications, M.S. in Agriculture with research in the extension service. Both from Missouri State University.


Hometown: Creighton, Missouri


Instagram: @theagvocatingequestrian

Twitter: @CoCoHall1995

Facebook: Courtney Hall


About Me: I started showing horses at 4-H and open shows when I was eight years old. From there I moved up to APHA shows in the all-around events. I have shown within AQHA and PtHA as well. In college I rode for the IHSA (Intercollegiate Horse Show Association) equestrian team and ASHA (American Stock Horse Association) ranch horse team. I have been working for Kimes Ranch since 2017. I have been a freelancer for other businesses during those years as well. I currently live at home until I start my career, which will hopefully lead me to the Kansas City area very soon. As for hobbies, I like to do anything involving being around my favorite four-legged animals. I love competing in the all-around events, ring stewarding, working in the show office or other jobs at horse shows. I enjoy raising foals too. In my free time away from horses I like photography, graphic design, wake surfing and being with my incredible family and friends. 


Why Kimes Ranch: I love the culture and atmosphere of this company. It truly feels like being part of a big family. We all come from different places, so when we get to come together at shows, events, or meetings it is similar to a family reunion. I love the mission and values of Kimes Ranch Jeans. I also simply LOVE the product. I won’t ride or work in anything that isn’t Kimes Ranch Jeans. I have worn the jeans for years and really liked what Kimes Ranch Jeans stood for. I was pursuing internships and freelance work in communications when I found the Kimes Ranch blogger internship position. I was thrilled to apply for and then receive the offer of that first position. I have learned so much and grown professionally during my tenure at Kimes. 


My Job: My days are always different. I could be writing press releases, blogs or social media posts. I could also be interviewing endorsees at major shows or creating content about them and their business for future use. This is what I love about my job. I love the challenge of being on my toes for whatever gets sent my way. I like creating content for whatever platform is needed. Writing has always been a passion of mine. Having the opportunity to take someone’s story and put it into words for everyone else to experience is amazing. I am passionate about always creating the best product or content I can. I want to be confident in my work and represent whoever I am working for in a professional manner. I am also passionate about building relationships that will last a lifetime in this industry. I want to support our endorsees and build connections with them in the best way possible. I want to promote then in any way I can and spread the word of how great their programs are to the equine industry. They are an important part of Kimes Ranch Jeans. I also want to travel and promote the brand around the world. 


My Values: First, I thank God for everything He has given me in this life. My faith is the most important part of my life. He created such a beautiful world and I give Him all the glory. Commitment and dependability are important to me. I want people to be able to fully trust and believe in me. I also strive to be a very driven person in all aspects. People are important to me. Building friendships and networking with people is something I enjoy doing every day. 


Favorite Kimes Ranch Product: The Betty. It is simply a classic and can be worn in multiple ways for any occasion. I will always love this jean!