Meghan Tietze

Meghan Tietze of Salt Lick Sisters grew up in Castle Rock, Colorado as a young girl that was neither afraid to get a little dirty, nor all dolled up. Always a bit different from the others, she found her escape working weekends on her family ranch in Salida, Colorado. So began her love of cattle, hard work, and the western lifestyle. At age four, she was feeding bottle calves in the basement to keep them out of the snow. At seven, she was in the cattle pens on foot, fearless with her trusty 2x4. At eleven, she was pulling the plow with the tractor to cut irrigation ditches. And by fourteen, she was cutting bull calves with the guys. In addition to ranching, Meghan grew up with a slew of hobbies that followed her through college, keeping her wandering heart chasing various interests. She attended four colleges and changed her major three times…thankfully, her bull-headedness allowed her to graduate with a BA in Psychology, emphasis on Biology in just four and a half years.

After graduation, Meghan found herself pulled back to the panhandle of Oklahoma, to her first college town. She had always dressed a little different, and that became more and more noticeable in a small town. Fortunately, her business partner shared the same love for western fashion and vintage threads; hence, a blogging relationship was born!

Fast forward to the present, and her passion for ranching, fashion, and the western way of life has not come close to ceasing. When not at her day job, or working on Salt Lick Sisters ventures, you can find Meghan ranching with her boyfriend, experimenting in the kitchen, co-leading women’s Bible studies with Alix, sketching out new beading patterns, knocking the rust off her cello, gawking at sunrises, teaching kid’s church, and creating new uses of vintage pieces.