Hometown: San Angelo, Texas

Current Residence: Marshall, Texas

Discipline: PRCA Heeler

"When I was 5 years old watching the NFR, I told my grandfather one day I would compete there. I guess you could say ever since I can remember, all I wanted to do was compete at a professional level."

Accomplishment: The biggest rodeo accomplishment would probably be the second and third time I qualified for the NFR. It’s not a give me every year once you make it the first time. It’s a year-long grind. It’s not like the livestock can read your resume and automatically let you win.

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"I wear Kimes Ranch because I truly believe they are the best. They are really comfortable and fit the way a pair of jeans is supposed to, which makes them great to compete in. I also wear them every day to work on the ranch when I’m not rodeoing and they are very durable and can handle long days in the saddle or everyday ranch work."

-Kinney Harrell