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Ranching and Raising Beef Island Style

As we all know, the summer rodeo season is in full effect in the US, but here on the island of Kauai there is just one big rodeo. The Koloa Plantation Days Rodeo is held in July, and that’s the only rodeo until July rolls around again next year. Rodeos bring to mind cattle, so naturally we are going to talk about shipping cattle and raising beef island style. Where let’s just be honest, cattle work never looked so good.

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A Better Bonnie

The Bonnie has become a huge hit for Kimes Ranch. What started as the original blue jean Bonnie, has also lead to the Black Bonnie, Shredded Bonnie, Distressed Bonnie and Acid Wash Bonnie. This jean is so versatile, especially when you can start mixing in the additional styles. Check out some of the options we came up with for the original Bonnie!

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