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Where There Is A Will, There Is A Way

 Erin Taormino is a talented woman. She is also fierce, hard-working and doing a fantastic job being a new mother. You might have heard of her name from the popular Netflix documentary, Down the Fence. In the film, you can watch Erin and her husband, Anthony, during their first year with their own business. Before we get into that, let’s go back a few years.

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YouTube Sensations

The implementation of YouTube videos for equine businesses has boosted performance in many ways. Professionals have started using video production for marketing and informative purposes. In this blog we will talk about popular YouTube channels within our industry.

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NSBA Recap

The National Snaffle Bit Association hosted their World Championship Show this past week in Tulsa, Oklahoma. The show is open to AQHA and all color breeds exhibitors. This marked year number twelve and ran from August 12-20. The NSBA World Show was held along with the Breeders Championship Futurity. 

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