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Vegas Inspo

If you're heading to Vegas this year & you're anything like me, then outfit planning becomes more of a job rather than a guilty pleasure. Let's be honest, the NFR is practically New York fashion week of the western industry, just trade out the runway for a crowd filled arena. Nonetheless, it's the place where every woman (and man, not trying to leave out you fashion forward guys) get to strut their unique style and cute outfits that they've been collecting all year. Not only is the NFR one of the best places to get all glammed up, but it's also top of the line shopping for western fashion.

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The Denim Story

I want to take a minute to talk about one of fashions most versatile fabrics; Denim. We all have a denim story. Your first pair of jeans you bought, that vintage pair you got for a steal and reminds you of a different time, or your favorite pair that can almost feel like a second skin. No matter where you're from, what you do or who you inspire to be, denim plays an important and active roll in all our lives. And like most ladies (and men) in the western fashion world, denim is a down right necessity. 

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The Western in Western Fashion

After dipping my toes in the western fashion industry this past year and a half, it's become rather apparent to me that we all share at least one thing in common- our heritage. Whether you grew up on a farm in Canada, or a cattle ranch in Texas, or even on the rodeo trail traveling across country, we all share that little piece of western heritage that influences the western fashion industry to this day.

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