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Looking Through the Eyes of the Assistant Trainer; featuring Austin Gooding

Almost all trainers start out by being assistant trainers for well-established people. They spend time riding and training with a mentor’s guidance to help them prepare for their own business in the future. Being an assistant trainer involves hard work and long hour days. They are usually doing grueling work all day, but it does have its benefits. Assistant trainers are able to travel and not be tied down. They are making connections and networking within the industry, along with establishing themselves. Austin Gooding, of Bauer and Gooding Show Horses, is creating a great image for himself under the guidance of this team.

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The Ranch Riding Extraordinaire

“Both of the horses were dead on that day and it must have been my turn to win,” Meadows said. “I was grateful that I did it. That’s a cool thing and I don’t know if I will ever do it again. I’ve never done it before. It was pretty cool to add that to my resume that’s for sure.”

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