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Slum Gullion

It always seems like there are particular foods that kids gravitate towards when they are really young. From experience with my niece and nephew and numerous cousins, I’ve seen it a lot. Lots of mac and cheese, grilled cheese, cereal, and premade lunches from the lunch meat and cheese department at the store. Trying to find something they will eat that is still nutritious can be a balancing act. When I was little, my mom made something for she and my dad that they liked and I ate a slightly simpler version of it. Her first rule was that whatever they ate, I ate too. She was not going to make me a special dinner. I think because of that philosophy I was never a picky eater. I did have certain foods where it was a hard ‘no’ to me eating it such as raw onions or tomatoes (I still won’t eat them raw for the most part). Her second rule was that I had to try everything at least once. After I tried it, then I could say I didn’t like it and she wouldn’t bother me about it again.

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