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Inside The Branding Pen: Style Secrets For Branding Season

The terrible smells, the unpredictable weather, the way you always manage to get kicked…sounds like branding season, that wonderful time of year where the hours are long and the fellowship is strong.  Typically, the last thing on one’s mind surrounding branding is “what am I going to wear”?  Unless you’re a girl like me.  Considering the amount of pictures that get taken at brandings and how many people are there, I want to look my best, and I’m not ashamed of that!

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5 Affordable Looks For Summer

We love to combine the western and mainstream lifestyle and here at Pearls and 2 Broke Girls we love to do that affordably! We like to give you a realistic look you can wear whether you’re at the rodeo or downtown shopping. Here we have created a few looks to show you that Kimes Ranch jeans are not just for inside the arena, they’re an essential for a great look no matter what lifestyle you are part of.

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