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A Better Bonnie

The Bonnie has become a huge hit for Kimes Ranch. What started as the original blue jean Bonnie, has also lead to the Black Bonnie, Shredded Bonnie, Distressed Bonnie and Acid Wash Bonnie. This jean is so versatile, especially when you can start mixing in the additional styles. Check out some of the options we came up with for the original Bonnie!

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Vintage Kimes

We all know the saying... "There is no time like the present".  Well, with all due respect, I might just disagree.  Fashion speaking, it's hard to know exactly what trend will roll around the corner next, but thankfully for us, Vintage is ALWAYS in!  Recently, the western fashion world has exploded!  Whether you're a sassy Grandmother sporting some custom revamped Canty Boots or a Victoria Secret model rocking some serious quality felt lids, mixing our favorite Western wear with retro pieces is a sure-fire way to stand out from the crowd!

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The Western in Western Fashion

After dipping my toes in the western fashion industry this past year and a half, it's become rather apparent to me that we all share at least one thing in common- our heritage. Whether you grew up on a farm in Canada, or a cattle ranch in Texas, or even on the rodeo trail traveling across country, we all share that little piece of western heritage that influences the western fashion industry to this day.

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