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Reasons We Rodeo

Moving away from home to go to college is defiantly a stressful time for both your parents and yourself. Some people only go to the college in their hometown, while others (like myself, and many) move to a completely different country. I personally moved from Alberta, Canada to Oklahoma. I get asked a lot why I would go so far for college, or what makes going to school in Oklahoma better? Well I will explain why myself and many other Canadians headed south for post secondary school.

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Keep On Kicking Through The School Year

The time of the year is upon us. The time of new school supplies, backpacks, teachers, classes and if you’re like me, new goals. Besides New Years back to school is the second time of year where people make goals to better themselves. When it comes to school, especially college, balancing every thing can be exceptionally hard. Between work, school, a social life and rodeo I feel like I barely have time to breath.

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