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From the Arena to the Stage with Jaida Dreyer

Many people know Jaida Dreyer as the winner of the first season of USA Network’s reality TV show "Real Country”. What most might not know is her history in the equine industry. She has been riding and showing horses her entire life. She won her first World Championship title at the young age of five. She continues competing across the country today.

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Leading by Example

“I showed my first cutter when I was 11,” Cromer said. “It didn’t take long to love it. It is such a natural ability for the horse. The horse is better at reading the cow than a person is once you get them trained. It’s like a Border Collie. I like to explain it to people like that. It’s a natural instinct for a horse to work cows instead of other disciplines where they are trained to do a maneuver. That’s the difference to me. They are cow horses and they learn how to read cows and do a job instead of it just being what we tell them to do.”

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Looking Through the Eyes of the Assistant Trainer; featuring Austin Gooding

Almost all trainers start out by being assistant trainers for well-established people. They spend time riding and training with a mentor’s guidance to help them prepare for their own business in the future. Being an assistant trainer involves hard work and long hour days. They are usually doing grueling work all day, but it does have its benefits. Assistant trainers are able to travel and not be tied down. They are making connections and networking within the industry, along with establishing themselves. Austin Gooding, of Bauer and Gooding Show Horses, is creating a great image for himself under the guidance of this team.

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