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The Betty

Before I begin, I just want to remind everyone that personal style is whatever you make it. If you like it, wear it. If you feel beautiful in it, wear it. If that tee, jeans, or cool accessory brings out your inner confidence, WEAR IT! This blog series is simply my personal take on how to style specific pieces. With that said, let’s get started!

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Last Minute Summer Adventures

Now that August is here, there is nonstop chatter about heading back to school, cooler temperatures, and pumpkin spice lattes. Personally, I’m not quite ready to trade in my bikini and sunshine for buffalo plaid and falling leaves. With a whole month of the summer season left, I am on a personal mission to soak up as many adventures as possible; and who says you can’t be a little stylish while doing so? What’s even better, Kimes Ranch has the perfect piece of clothing for all occasions! So start planning those last minute summer getaways, and be ready to do it in style!

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