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3 Easy Ways to Support Your Local Rodeo

When you think of “rodeo” you probably think of boots in the dirt, bucking bulls, pretty cowgirls on fast horses, and the “Lights, camera, ACTION!” mentality that goes along with the big show. Most casual rodeo fans, or even those that are a bit more serious, probably think about the large professional rodeos that come to town, handing out thousands of dollars to winners, or even the Super Bowl of them all - the Wrangler National Finals Rodeo. 

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Time to Talk Travel

I mentioned in my last blog that it’s summertime which means rodeo season is upon us. And for me that means a lot of traveling. In the last six months I have been to Las Vegas, Fort Worth and as I am writing this I am heading to Montana, to rope and have fun with my friends. These long trips can be boring but it is all what you make it. I am going to share the ins and outs about my travels. And hopefully you can relate!

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Making History: Breakaway at the American

This past spring the world of breakaway was changed forever. A press conference was held and the announcement was made that breakaway would be held at the 2019 RFD - TV's The American. This is something that women have been fighting to make happen for years now and you can bet that they were not going to let this opportunity go. Within the first week there were tons of qualifiers being advertised and tons of entries being sent in.

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RodeoEmily Bomgardner
Making Those Resolutions Stick!

It's that time of year again where we are all making new year's resolutions. Things like exercising, eating healthier, being a better person, the list could go on forever. I know this year I have a list of things that I want to do, achieve, see and be better about. I know it can be super hard to stick to these new changes but I have some tips that I would love to share with y'all about how I stick to my New Year's resolutions.

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Competing in the lights of Vegas

Las Vegas, the home for rodeo for two weeks of December. Now most of us are there to watch the NFR and the top 15 in the world. But others are there to compete as well. There are many events held over the course of two weeks that allow the competitors to show off their talents and become champions. There's the World Series Team roping, JR NFR, Rising Stars Calf Roping and so many others. But, there was a new addition this year, The Rope for The Crown Breakaway event.

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Las Vegas During the NFR - One Woman's Experience of Las Vegas during the NFR

Going to Las Vegas during the NFR is the ultimate cowboy/cowgirl experience.  You can watch the finals live, run into some contestants as you’re shopping, stop and get their autograph, experience some incredible live country music, have western shopping like no other, and much more.  I am just a normal girl who met over a dozen rodeo contestant, got backstage to a country star, third row for a country legend, and shopped until I dropped. Las Vegas during the NFR is a big city full of cowboys and cowgirls just like you.

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