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Country Cake

This is without a doubt, my new favorite breakfast recipe! Country cake is basically a lighter cornbread with two deliciously sugary streusel layers. Think cornbread coffee cake! Serve this for breakfast with coffee, or even as dessert with a cinnamon-honey butter. I have included a few tips below that will help you get the perfect texture in your cake!

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3 Easy Ways to Support Your Local Rodeo

When you think of “rodeo” you probably think of boots in the dirt, bucking bulls, pretty cowgirls on fast horses, and the “Lights, camera, ACTION!” mentality that goes along with the big show. Most casual rodeo fans, or even those that are a bit more serious, probably think about the large professional rodeos that come to town, handing out thousands of dollars to winners, or even the Super Bowl of them all - the Wrangler National Finals Rodeo. 

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