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Leading by Example

“I showed my first cutter when I was 11,” Cromer said. “It didn’t take long to love it. It is such a natural ability for the horse. The horse is better at reading the cow than a person is once you get them trained. It’s like a Border Collie. I like to explain it to people like that. It’s a natural instinct for a horse to work cows instead of other disciplines where they are trained to do a maneuver. That’s the difference to me. They are cow horses and they learn how to read cows and do a job instead of it just being what we tell them to do.”

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Small Business Saturday: BackRoad Trading Company

BackRoad Trading Company is owned and operated by two friends from a small town in Missouri. Allie Littlefield and Frankie Hart started this business together after many years of separate careers within the equine industry. Littlefield spent time building a successful horse boarding facility and online business specializing in used high end show tack. Hart spent her time in the corporate world, building her skills in the marketing and sales side of the equine industry with Noble Outfitters. The two decided to join forces to create BackRoad Trading Company.

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