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A Better Bonnie

The Bonnie has become a huge hit for Kimes Ranch. What started as the original blue jean Bonnie, has also lead to the Black Bonnie, Shredded Bonnie, Distressed Bonnie and Acid Wash Bonnie. This jean is so versatile, especially when you can start mixing in the additional styles. Check out some of the options we came up with for the original Bonnie!

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Making Memories with Kimes Ranch

I’ve been asked before as a fashion blogger to name my favorite “outfits” or items in my closet. Truly if I was to recall my memories based off of clothing from a momentous occasions or a fancy gala, I couldn’t give you a frontrunner. To me, my fondest recollections have always been found in those quiet, most understated moments in a day.

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Green Jacket By Amy C. Witt

From fishing to roping, I have never worn such a comfortable, functional and warm jacket. Olive green and silky, the Marino Bomber is rugged yet feminine and compliments well. The milk chocolate interior lining is lush and keeps the cold away on a nippy day. The olive green exterior is thick and rich with a pretty stitch. Along with its flexibility, it provides endless styling options and always makes me feel pretty.  

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