Bringing Back the 70’s

Bringing Back the 70’s.png

Western fashion has taken many turns throughout the years. While the current trends switch often, comebacks are never far away. Lately, there has been a significant increase in products modeling the vintage and retro styles of the 1970’s. This bright, fun period adds just the right amount of funky into a traditional wardrobe. From a vibrant color palette to an appreciation of the classics, the 70’s vibes coming out in today’s western apparel choices are worth mentioning.

The 1970’s consisted of many unique fashion movements, but can always be recognized by its bright colors. Yellow, turquoise, orange, and green are each classic colors found throughout the period. These same colors are becoming popular once again in today’s western fashion world. The 1978 Trucker hat is a perfect example of 1970’s yellow reemerging as a stylish addition to any wardrobe. This hat is simple, letting the bold color choice do the talking. The Boulder Vint Trucker hat follows the same concept with its wide variety of colors and fun patch logo. These hats bring unique designs and casual clothing into perfect harmony.

Another important aspect of anyone’s wardrobe is a classic button up. The 1970’s are known for both simple and eccentric button up shirts. Thrift stores are commonly being raided in order to find classic button up shirts with unique patterns and styles—some of which are bolder than anything seen in recent years. However, it’s hard to go wrong with the simplicity of the Cassidy Twill or D’Jango button ups. These classic shirts are casual enough for everyday wear with the perfect amount of style to turn heads.


We can’t ignore the ladies with this trend either. The Foxy Brown Shirt allows for classic comfort, rugged durability, and just enough vintage ease for a day on the ranch or at the office.

Who doesn’t love a flare leg? Veering away from the classic skinny, wide leg openings have become a very popular trend recently and they reflect directly back to the beloved 1970s. The Jennifer is a Kimes Ranch staple to spice up any outfit. These jeans offer an Ultra High Rise and a Super Wide Flare Leg—perfect for a night on the town!


The 70’s vibes don’t stop at jeans and button ups. Our classic tees each have their own hint of the time period laced within their design. For the ladies, we have the Ladies 1978 Trucker Tee and Sundance Hood. For the men, we have the Petro Tee and Block Out Hood. Each of these stylish options brings a hint of the 1970’s into everyday wear.


The 1970’s were a time of unique style—one that deserves to reemerge. Nearly every facet of modern western apparel is being influenced by the time period’s comeback and all that it has to offer. Whether it be a shirt, hat, or pair of jeans, western apparel is bringing back the 70’s and we couldn’t be more excited about it!