Viva Las Vegas!


The National Finals Rodeo is almost upon us and while Las Vegas prepares for the rodeo world to invade we are busy trying to decide where we're staying, what events we plan to attend, what night to get rodeo tickets for, which vendors we will be stopping by and above all what in the world are we gonna wear?!

We spend months preparing for the fashion scene that gets set every year during the NFR. I know I have been stressing a little so for those that are in the same boat as me here are a few tips and tricks that I have up my sleeve.

Day and Night

There is always some sort of event going on during the day and at night so basically sometimes

you feel like you have to have two different outfits for each day. That can be time consuming

and of course hits the pocket book hard. My solution, wear something that can transition easily

from day to night. For example a dress that can be worn easily during the day with a pair of cute

boots and a hat and then when night roles around all you are doing is a quick pit stop to change

the shoes to a dressier heel, hat comes off hair gets fluffed and a cute jacket goes on. Bam!

Same dress two different outfits.


Graphic Tees

My all time favorite go to for any event is the graphic tee. It can be worn sooo many differen

ways! You can tie it up, tuck it in with a cute belt, pair it with a great looking duster, the

possibilities are endless. There are lots of brands and styles you just can't go wrong adding one

of these to your wardrobe. I looovvvee graphic tees and you will find me sporting them this year at the NFR for sure.


Be Unique

The key to shopping, whether it's before or during the NFR, is to find those unique pieces thatexpress who you are and your personality. Find those random fun pieces that no one else willhave and will make you stand out.

I am always on the lookout for a great staple piece that can be versatile but still different enough to stand out. Don't be afraid to wear that piece you found and were worried what others will think, its Vegas there will be some wild and fun pieces so take the plunge and rock it.


Be You and Only You

My last tip for the NFR fashion world this year is to be you. Don't try to be anyone else. Your fashion expresses who you are so wear whatever you want!

Dress comfy and cute or dress to impress and stand out. You will not be judged if you wear what makes you happy and expresses your own personality. I will be inspired by those that express their sense of style.

I may even borrow some of your ideas!

I look forward to seeing everyone's outfits at the NFR!

Viva Las Vegas!

-Tayler Bradley