Traveling How To's with Hannah Hogner of Living with Grace and Style

“Traveling is not something you are good at, it is something you do like breathing.” Oh how this quote rings so true for so many of us who have rodeoed or showed horses. We know the routine of up at the crack of dawn to drive all day just to make it to the perf or show or those famous all night drives. It has been awhile since I have done either, but oh how I remember those times like it was yesterday. I would always tend to get in those comfy clothes and a baseball cap and roll on. I definitely had my road warrior card and may need get it back out again, since the summer’s end will be here before we know it. But here is the stumper with the fashion bar being a little bit higher than it used to be-we all have the need or want to still look cute while traveling, whether we want to admit it or not. Size does not define the need or want to dress to impress, so I put together a couple fun looks to keep you stylin’ and profilin’ while you are still out there chasing those white lines. I am definitely hoodie and baseball cap obsessed, but paired the right way, you can still look cute so you are ready for the call, “Hey, can you drive now?” 

“Why, yes I can, and I’ll look cute doing it!” 

For my first look I paired my southwest hoodie, leggings and my favorite Long X Trading Co. converses with a fun cap. Bam! I am instantly ready for the open road, all while still being cute and without much effort and yesterday’s hair!

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Now that you made it to your final destination and you are crunched for time, what do you do and wear? Easy peasey, grab that cute new top, your favorite jeans, apply lots of dry shampoo, and viola! Oh, but don’t forget to add that fun a clutch either! I love clutches for the simple reason you can carry just the necessities in them and not have to lug that big ol’ heavy purse around. A little tip when finding your perfect jeans-I like to get mine just a hint longer so I can rock my heels with them. Then when wearing flats, I put a cuff on them to give them a little something extra. It’s all about the little details that help you look and feel more put together.  


See, things are only as hard as we make them; that is why having good quality go-to pieces in your closet is so important. It is a proven fact that when you look good, you feel good! Always remember, though, the key to any great outfit is confidence, and confidence comes from boldly being yourself! So no matter what you are wearing this summer, be confident in it and rock what you got! 


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Hoodie: Kimes Southwest Hoodie (Red)
Cap: Oxbow Trucker (Red)
Shoes: Custom made Long X Trading Co Converses

Top: Kimes Willow Top (Blue) 
Jeans: Kimes Madaline
Clutch: Lov Leathers
Shoes: Custom made Long X Trading Co Converses

Photo Credit: Denim & Velvet Marketing + Design