The Story Behind the Watson Jeans, As Told by Ryan Kail

If you have ever visited Kimes Ranch in Scottsdale, Arizona, you have passed the Kail residence. Ryan Kail just so happens to be neighbors with Matt and Amanda. Kail met Matt Kimes at the young age of five when Matt purchased a horse from Kail’s parents. Kail also knew Andrea during his youth when they showed horses together.

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“I moved down to Arizona in 2005 and we instantly became really good friends,” Kail said. “Matt was the best man in our wedding. We actually share a driveway and live next door to them. We get the Kimes Ranch deliveries all the time at our house on accident.”

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Ryan Kail is a third-generation AQHA/NRHA judge and horse trainer. He is married to Andrea Kail and they have two boys, Lane and Carter. Kail and his wife have a very successful training business under the name of Kail Quarter Horses. They both enjoy competing and training in multiple events.


“I have a couple favorite classes to show in,” Kail said. “I really like the western riding and the ranch riding. I come from a halter horse background and I still enjoy it. Andrea does more of the western pleasure and trail. The roping is for sure my favorite to judge. It makes the most sense to me. It’s fast and exciting. It’s one of those things where I could be at a big roping all day long and be in a good mindset at the end because I’m really comfortable there.”

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The story of how the Watsons got their name is quite interesting. Kail described the humorous situation that led him to pass on a goat from Watsonville, California to the hands of Amanda Kimes in Scottsdale, Arizona.

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“I was in Watsonville, California at a Quarter Horse show,” Kail said. “I had a novice youth girl there I was helping and she did well the first day. As kind of a joke, I said well if you win the circuit, I’ll get you a surprise. There was a local livestock show going on at this time at the top of the hill of the facility. Sure enough she won, so I went up there and there was this goat that they were just going to give to somebody. I think he was like an orphan or something. I took him and gave him to the girl. Her mom didn’t like that idea very much, so I ended up getting stuck with this goat. Amanda had shown goats and liked them and said she would take this goat. We hauled the goat all the way back to Arizona. She named him Watson and later on he became the name of the jeans.”

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Kail loves the Watson jeans and they are the only style he wears. Andrea also loves her Kimes Ranch apparel and wears the classic Betty style jeans. To read more about Ryan and Andrea Kail check out their website and Facebook page.

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