The Genuine Coach

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Our newest member of the team is well-known in the AQHA industry. Brad Jewett has been training horses for over 25 years and has multiple World and Congress Champion titles under his belt. Jewett Performance Horses Inc. was started in 1998 and currently specializes in the all-around events.


“I started training horses in 1991 when I took a job working for a great horseman, Robert Chown,” Jewett said. “I started in the reining industry and made a gradual move to the all-around in 1996 due to the lack of interest in reining in the area I moved to.I do the all-around events with the emphasis on western all around events. Horsemanship, trail, western riding, western pleasure, showmanship, equitation, ranch riding and I also still dabble in the reining.”

Along with being a well-established trainer, Jewett also holds his AQHA and NSBA judging cards, and is the co-owner of the Show For Dough futurity. He loves being very involved in the industry, but his passion lies with training.


“Being a horse trainer in our industry gives me a sense of pride and responsibility,” Jewett said. “I’m proud I can make a good living in this industry for over two decades and still be a viable option for new perspective clients. The responsibility of knowing how I treat my clients is paramount to the level of success our industry needs in order to be able to do this for decades to come. I love the pursuit of dreams as much as the trophies themselves. The wide array of personalities I’ve been able to meet is awesome. The passion my clients show in their pursuits drives me every day.”

Having a good relationship with clients and making them the best they can be is something Jewett really strives to do. His great work ethic has even opened up opportunities outside of the United States.


“Over the past few years I have streamlined JPH to where all of my clients have more direct access to me,” Jewett said. “Through having some great assistants, I realized that what I truly enjoy is being a part of each horse and rider’s success more personally. Training and showing are a huge part of my life, but I have come to find a passion for coaching. Teaching someone to understand some of the basic principles of horse training is so rewarding. I take pride in knowing anyone that comes through my program will become a better horseman. You never know who may be that next great horseman to the next generation. To know I inspired someone to that level would be an awesome feeling. By streamlining JPH it has allowed me the opportunity to do more clinics here in the US and Europe as well.”


Jewett has a surprise coming this winter. He will be releasing training videos to the public that will cover the all-around events.

“I will be launching a new web-based subscription full of videos that were shot earlier this year,” Jewett said. “We cover all the all-around events. I will be releasing this new video series displaying my training and coaching system sometime this winter.”

The Watson jeans are Jewett’s personal favorite. He feels they are perfect for the line of work he does.

My favorite style is the Watson,” Jewett said. ‘Hard to say what I like best, but I’ll start with the durability. The material is so much more fitting for a horse trainer. You’re going to get sweaty and dirty and somehow these jeans do not tend to look like you’ve ridden all day. It’s nice to know you don’t look a mess when you meet a prospective new client at a horse show. The pockets and extra belt loop in the back are just a couple more reasons I feel this company has put some serious thought into what a horse trainer is looking for in everyday work clothes.”

We are excited to see how the fall season goes for Jewett Performance Horses and wish them the best of luck. For more information on JPH or private clinics check out the sites below or contact Jewett at


~ Courtney Hall, photos courtesy of Brad Jewett and Ruehle Photographix