Small Business Saturday – Martineau Rasp Designs


This week we are highlighting a small jewelry business called Martineau Rasp Designs. Rasp Designs is a husband and wife team that creates jewelry, accessories, and western hardware all out of horseshoeing rasps. Bryan and Melanie Martineau began their business in 2015 and are considered the “original rasp jewelry”.“Each rasp Bryan uses from horseshoeing is then turned into the product we make,” Melanie Martineau said. “Our jewelry for men and women consists of cuff bracelets, bangle bracelets, pendants, earrings, rings and bolos. We also make buckles, money clips, hatpins, key chains, and golf tools. Our western hardware consists of spurs, headstall buckles, back cinch buckles, and conchos. We are also available to make other custom designs and awards for events and fundraisers.”

These two never planned to start their own company together. They started out making rasp jewelry as a hobby for gifts to friends, family and horse clients.


“A couple years into making these gifts for people they got the word out about the rasp jewelry and items we were creating,” Martineau said. “We decided to take a leap of faith and turn our hobby into a business. We created our LLC in 2015 and were a vendor for the first time at South Point Arena in Las Vegas, NV during the National Finals Rodeo (NFR). Since then, our business has at least doubled each year. This will be our 4thyear as a South Point Arena vendor during the NFR and World Series of Team Roping.”


Most of the time, small business owners run everything from their home. Melanie and Bryan love that aspect of their business. They are able to be at home with their children and even have them help from time to time.

“We have many favorites with owning and running our own business such as schedule flexibility, control of how our company grows, and the different markets we can target,” Martineau said. “However, our favorite part of owning our company is having our kids be involved with it and teaching them about our company. We have three girls ages 6, 4 and 2 and it is so much fun when they get to help. It’s very heartwarming when they get to see the rewards of putting in the time and hard work towards accomplishing business goals. Our shop is out of the garage and the office is in the formal dining room, so being able to work out of the house while the kids are home is a huge blessing to our family. It enables us so much freedom to work around the kid’s schedules.”

The potential unknown issues that can occur is terrifying to experience when starting a business. Martineau believes those were the biggest challenges she had to face in the beginning. Setting goals and keeping up with profits and expenses are important. Another piece of advice Martineau gave was to be patient and open to new things.

“Be open minded with the initial process of starting up a business,” Martineau said. “It can be challenging and there can be some hurdles to cross over, but having an open mind and being patient with the process can help. Also, having a positive support system whether its family, friends or business acquaintances is huge to have others to discuss business ideas and questions with.”


Rasp Designs happens to be located a few miles down the road from Kimes Ranch. They don’t sell KRJ apparel, but they can almost always be seen wearing and promoting the gear when they are at shows.

“One of our favorite things about Kimes Ranch Jeans is how soft, comfortable and well they fit,” Martineau said. “They’re by far the most comfortable jeans we’ve owned. Plus, we love how easy it is to dress them up or down and also work in them on a daily basis. Our other favorite thing about Kimes Ranch Jeans is the owners and employees of the company. We love how the people of the company are truly such a family/friend operation. They’re amazing people with huge hearts and really do care about the product they create, hence how well it is designed and produced. We have many friends in the western industry who own boutiques and stores and their Kimes apparel always sells out quick, so it’s fun to see KRJ grow so fast. We also love they’re just a couple minutes down the road from where we live, so it’s nice to stop by and visit with them.”

Look for their amazing jewelry at the Rasp Designs booth at the NFR or visit them on any of the sites below!

Instagram - @raspdesigns

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~ Courtney Hall, photos courtesy of Melanie Martineau