Small Business Saturday – CR RanchWear


CR RanchWear is making its mark on the equine industry. Many of our KRJ endorsees can be seen wearing their stylish apparel. CR RanchWear has grown tremendously in the 7+ years it has been open. The name of the company is especially unique and special to the founder Rhea Scott Follett.


“I grew up loving horses and have enjoyed watching my daughter, Chandler Rhea, ride both English and Western,” Follett said. “She is the namesake of CR. This is a sport that requires intelligence, athleticism and husbandry, and I've always been attracted to the values held dear by equestrians.”

Follett didn’t intend to start an equine apparel and tack company. CR RanchWear transformed into the business it is today from one simple request. 


“It's a poorly kept secret that CR actually started as a pajama company,” Follett said. “We had this one wacky fabric with shirtless cowboys on it and once day a customer asked if I could make it into a show shirt for her. She told me how she struggled to find quality shirts that stood out in the arena and fit the movements of an athletic rider. Having been passionate about sewing and design since childhood, I knew I could make a custom cut for her. I wondered if anybody else would like some of the bolder colors and patterns that were swirling in my mind. I hoped riders would appreciate a made in America shirt and decided to start a business that stuck to some old-fashioned American values. I never dreamed that CR RanchWear would grow as it has.”

Starting your own company in the world today brings many challenges and obstacles. Follett found it takes many people to make an apparel company run smoothly. 


“I have faced many challenges along the way of growing CR, but perhaps my biggest challenge early on was trying to do it all from designing, manufacturing, marketing and selling by myself,” Follett said. “I have been so fortunate over the last four years to have had some incredible people step in to work for CR and bring us to the place we are today.”

Follett loves her job and having the opportunity to see her own designs come to life. She gave great advice for others wanting to start their own company. 


“My favorite part of owning and running my own company is that I can create the designs that I envision and take them from concept to sewing then directly to our customers and see the joy on their faces when they know that they look incredible,” Follett said. “If you wish to start your own apparel or tack company my first suggestion is to do your research and identify your customer. Can you bring a product to the marketplace that is high quality and is needed? Competition is good for the consumer and there are always improvements that can be made. We are never satisfied and want to continue to make a better and better product.”

The company has only been selling Kimes Ranch Jeans for a few years, but they have had tremendous success in the short amount of time. 

“We started selling Kimes Ranch Jeans in 2015 after a cutting horse customer from Florida told me that she had found a jean that was made in the USA and had an incredible fit,” Follett said. “We listen to our customers, so I immediately looked them up and placed our first order with Amanda Kimes. The Kimes family and employees have been incredible to work with. CR has had tremendous success in selling Kimes Ranch Jeans to our customers both at shows and online. How could we not sell such an amazing product that fits, flatters and is made in the USA?”


This company works hard to ensure happiness in every sale. Customer satisfaction is one of their highest priorities.

“CR RanchWear strives to manufacture the highest quality shirts available to the rider that fit their athletic body and make them feel and look incredible whether in the show arena, on the trail, or out on a Saturday night for dinner and dancing,” Follett said. “Our goal is to keep our customers happy. We love feedback, both of what we are doing right and what we can do better. We read every email and listen to every customer. Tell us what you want, and we'll do everything we can to win your business.”

Check out CR RanchWear at their next show or shop anytime online at their website! Click on the links below for more information.

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~ Courtney Hall, photos courtesy of Rhea Scott Follett