Roping The Way To Victory

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Bobby-Jean Colyer fell in love with roping the moment she learned how to do it. The Bruneau, Idaho native grew up in a rural community where ranching and farming was the way of life. Roping and riding horses became her passion. She still gets a thrill every time she backs her horse into the box.

“I learned how to rope when I was about 13 years old,” Colyer said. “I instantly loved it. I remember going to USTRC ropings with the Blacks and saving up all of my money to pay for the $150 entry fee. I learned more every year and got better as time went on. Team roping has taught me so many valuable things.”


Colyer took her skills to college and rode for Montana State University. She was an excellent addition to the team. While she was there, she purchased her favorite horse she has ever owned. 

“He was by far the most special horse I have ever owned,” Colyer said. “His name is Mighty, he is 28 years old and he is retired right here on my ranch. My kids can ride him, and he just has a great personality. I went to the college finals on him and all kinds of great stuff. I’m so proud that he is still alive, fat and happy.”


After college, Colyer took a break from roping and married her husband. After their two children were born, Colyer discovered her competitive nature never went away and she knew she wanted to get back in the arena. 

“I enjoy high pressure situations,” Colyer said. “Any time you get to back into the box, sit there and nod for the chance to win $100,000 is one of the coolest feelings in the world. It is simply amazing.”


Winning isn’t everything to Colyer. She truly enjoys each and every minute she spends with her horses. Colyer currently has two very talented rope horses. 

“I’m blessed to have had the opportunity to ride some amazing horses in my life,” Colyer said. “The two I have now are so honest and work so good all the time. When I’m so stressed out and having a hard day, getting on a horse and going somewhere seems to melt my troubles away. Horses seem to understand things that people don’t. It’s like therapy for me. They are amazing creatures and they bring a lot of joy into my life.”

The future is looking bright for Colyer. She is entered in the Reno Million Roping, plans to attend the World Series in Cheyenne, Wyoming and is already qualified for the finale in Las Vegas. Kimes Ranch is very excited to have Colyer join our team and we can’t wait to see all her accomplishments this year. 

~ Courtney Hall

Photos and Qoutes Courtesy of Bobby-Jean Colyer, and Silver Lining Herbs