Pause the Pressure


I am a good goat tier. Not a great goat tier, but good. I have totally accepted this, working towards being a great goat tier but made a plan for myself this year to make the college finals as a good one. I was going to be consistent, making points in every round and just climb my way there. A marathon, not a sprint, as my coach says often.

Well this semester I got very busy, I was broke and filled my days with ways to make money to make it to these rodeos, trying to make the college finals. But super stressed along the way. 

And I had four rodeos that I didn’t even make the short round at.

I almost didn’t go to the college rodeo in Murray, KY this weekend. I was burnt out spending money I didn’t have to go to these rodeos for nothing since I already failed in my plan to make the college finals by being consistent.

I was giving up in my plan, with half the season left.

But my parents were going to come to this rodeo and I decided that God had me on this path for a reason and to just go and enjoy the journey. 


I split the win in the long round. 

Me!? A goat tier who does not bank on winning any rounds normally.


But this weekend was filled with refreshing successes because I took the pressure off of myself to perform perfectly every run.  I didn't worry about the money, the college finals, or my competition.  I went to enjoy the journey and that's where our success often comes.  When we go back to why we started, laugh along the way, and trust Gods plan instead of our own.

Emily Bomgardner