Men’s Clothing: Not Only for Men


A couple years ago, I perused a local department store and discovered the perfect suede fringe jacket. I loved it. I had to have it. Although it was too large, it appeared to be the only one left of its kind.

Despite its size, I opted to buy it. And when I approached the register to make my purchase, I asked the sales associate if he had seen it in any other sizes. His response?

“We have it in tons of sizes. Check the men’s section.”


And that was my first men’s clothing purchase. My purchase was also an epiphany, as I realized I wanted to mix men’s clothing into my style.


Now, thanks to that fringe jacket, when I’m getting dressed and want to add something new and unexpected to my look, I reach for my husband’s wardrobe.


My jean shirt fits just right, but his jean shirt adds a special flair and its long length serves the same purpose as an ordinary duster. His belts are fancy tooled with buckstitch and ruggedness. I wear those too.

Also thanks to that fringe jacket, when I’m shopping, I don’t stick to the women’s department.

The perfect white tee is found folded up on a stand in the men’s section. Also found there are jeans long enough to fold a deep cuff at the bottom. And new, exciting jean fits –trouser, boot cut, slim fit, skinnies – can be discovered under a label disguising them as only fit for men.


But forget the labels. Forget the assumptions. Try on something rugged. Try on something large. Wear men’s clothing and thank my fringe suede jacket.



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