Making Memories with Kimes Ranch


I’ve been asked before as a fashion blogger to name my favorite “outfits” or items in my closet. Truly if I was to recall my memories based off of clothing from a momentous occasions or a fancy gala, I couldn’t give you a frontrunner. To me, my fondest recollections have always been found in those quiet, most understated moments in a day.


From throwing on a comfy hoodie and listening to the birds and watching a brilliant sunrise as you head out to do morning chores. To that “feeling” of how your favorite jeans fit you at all the right curves as you swing your leg up over the saddle. Or simply throwing on a cute trucker hat to tackle chores before heading to town! Over and above just form and function, it’s a comfort that these pieces give me, allowing me to be open and present to appreciate that moment I’m in.


And thinking further about the inner workings of my closet, I guess I could separate my wardrobe into two categories, Friends and Family.  I’ve got my fast fashion, my  “friends” or trendy items that head out with me to certain events and outings and then I’ve got my quality standby items like these Jolene jeans, or this super comfy Glam Rock Hoodie that I can’t wait to throw on the moment I get home.  The world of social media without a doubt can skew perception on lifestyle because I probably spend 95% of my time comfy and casual versus being dressed up. And that’s why Kimes Ranch is a brand that feels like family to me.  Instead of recycling to consignment next season, these pieces are continued standby’s in my closet that will carry me through many new moments.


- Cashemere and Camo

Photography Credit to: Bosalita Photography