Looking Through the Eyes of the Assistant Trainer; featuring Austin Gooding

Almost all trainers start out by being assistant trainers for well-established people. They spend time riding and training with a mentor’s guidance to help them prepare for their own business in the future. Being an assistant trainer involves hard work and long hour days. They are usually doing grueling work all day, but it does have its benefits. Assistant trainers are able to travel and not be tied down. They are making connections and networking within the industry, along with establishing themselves. Austin Gooding, of Bauer and Gooding Show Horses, is creating a great image for himself under the guidance of this team.


            “I grew up showing primarily all paint horses,” Gooding said. “When I was 17 we switched to primarily quarter horses. We mostly focused on western pleasure. I’ve shown some trail and western riding too, but I mainly had two and three-year-old western pleasure futurity horses. My parents are the main trainers and I work with them. Our partners, the Bauer portion, own almost all the horses we show. We have a few outside clients, but most are owned by the Bauer’s and we train them. That’s kind of how the partnership works. My everyday life consists of basically riding all of the young horses.”

            Gooding has also been able to see the business and communication side of Bauer and Gooding Show Horses as their manager. He works with their social media outlets, advertising and marketing.


“The business management part comes in as far as me being in charge of most of our sale horses,” Gooding said. “I run our Facebook and Instagram page. I also do all of our sale videos and promote our horses. I do my best to get them sold and that sort of thing. I run our website too.”

Kimes Ranch Jeans appeals to all ages and this twenty-five year old is one to vouch for that. Gooding heard from fellow KR endorsee, Robin Frid, about how great the jeans were and he had to find out for himself.


“I have liked them since they came out,” Gooding said. “Robin Frid had originally told me that I need to try them. I went to Closet Space, a tack store up by us in the Midwest, to buy a couple pairs of jeans. They had known through Matt and Amanda that Kimes was looking for more endorsees from people up north. The owner of Closet Space got me hooked up with Matt and Amanda as far as the endorsee program goes and it went from there. I think the first time I met them was at the Quarter Horse Congress or the Tom Powers Futurity. The Dillon are my favorite. I started out wearing all Watson jeans and early last year I got the Dillon jeans and I really liked them.”

Gooding has been showing horses since he was a youth and has had many wins in the show pen. His greatest accomplishment, in his mind, was his win at the 2013 NSBA World Show in the 3 YO Western Pleasure with Aint Gota Lot. It was his first year as a trainer after giving up his amateur card, which made it even more special. He isn’t sure if he will become an independent trainer in the near future, but he knows for sure he will always stick with the equine industry.


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~ Courtney Hall, Photos Courtesy of Austin Gooding