Leading by Example

The National Cutting Horse Association is full of talented trainers developing athletic and intelligent horses. Morgan Cromer is one of these individuals. Cromer has been professionally training cutting horses since she was 18. She has had a true love for this sport since she was a child.

“I showed my first cutter when I was 11,” Cromer said. “It didn’t take long to love it. It is such a natural ability for the horse. The horse is better at reading the cow than a person is once you get them trained. It’s like a Border Collie. I like to explain it to people like that. It’s a natural instinct for a horse to work cows instead of other disciplines where they are trained to do a maneuver. That’s the difference to me. They are cow horses and they learn how to read cows and do a job instead of it just being what we tell them to do.”

Photo Courtesy of  Cutting Horse Central

Photo Courtesy of Cutting Horse Central

Morgan Cromer Cutting Horses began in 2007 and has been quite successful the past decade. Cromer has a great team behind her. She believes her role as a good leader is essential to having a successful team.

“I have a really good team,” Cromer said. “I have a big crew too. The biggest thing is you all have to get along. I think the key is good leadership. If you start out with a good leader. I try to be the person that is there first. If you work harder than them then they will work really hard for you. That’s been a big thing with me. I try not to make them do all the stuff I don’t want to do. Good leadership is important. Leading by example is crucial. I’ve had one guy that has worked for me almost ten years. My mom and dad live at my ranch now, so when I’m gone I don’t have to worry about much besides showing my horses. It makes it so much nicer when you have a team that is taking care of everything.”

Cromer’s training program mainly consists of horses from ages three to six. She used to break out a lot of two-year-olds, but it became a little overwhelming with the amount they had.

Photo Courtesy of Cutting Horse Central

Photo Courtesy of Cutting Horse Central

“I do love the aged events,” Cromer said. “I really enjoy the three and four-year olds. When they are five and six it’s even easier. It’s fun when they are young because you get to go through so much with them. It is a really cool time in their life. They turn out to be what they are supposed to be around four and you figure them out more. The age category for us is three to six. I have two mares that I am trying to make the top 15 of the open in the NCHA. One is seven and one is six. This is the first time I’ve really done that with the older horses. It’s been a lot of fun and hard work with them, but I think I am going to do it. That is pretty cool to do that. I’m going to try to do more aged events next year too.”

Cromer has had an incredible career so far. She has earned almost three million dollars, been inducted into the NCHA Hall of Fame, holds her NCHA judging card and is currently president of the Pacific Coast Cutting Horse Association. She has had many accomplishments, but a few in particular stick out to her.

Photo Courtesy of Cutting Horse Central

Photo Courtesy of Cutting Horse Central

“One of the really cool things I have done was last year when both of my horses made the NCHA Finals at Fort Worth,” Cromer said. “That was a huge thing for me. It is such a big group of people. I have won many events, but that was a big accomplishment for me. My single best accomplishment was winning the Super Stakes in 2016. In that building it is the best of the best. Winning a major event in the Will Rogers Coliseum was fabulous.”

CR Ranchwear does a fantastic job selling Kimes Ranch Jeans and letting customers know everything about the brand. Cromer was one of the customers that discovered KRJ through them. She met Matt and Amanda Kimes and found her favorite style of jeans, the Jolene.

“I met them through CR Ranchwear,” Cromer said. “Rhea was nice enough to tell me about Kimes Ranch. We got to talking about different jeans and she told me all about them. I decided to call and talk with them. I met them, and they are such great people. It has been fun working with them. The Jolene are my favorite. That’s what I show in. I have tried all of them, but those seem to fit me the best to work in all day and be comfortable. The comfort and the toughness are my favorite part about them. I’ve had really good luck with them holding up and I tend to be hard on things.”

Morgan Cromer Cutting Horses has had a fantastic year and we wish them the best of luck on the rest of the 2018 season. Watch for Cromer at the next big cutting show. For more information check out the sites below!




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~ Courtney Hall, photos courtesy of Morgan Cromer and Cutting Horse Central