Layering Up for Las Vegas!

Layering up for Las Vegas! I keep hearing people say these words, “It’s going to be a cold and wet winter”. That just sends me into the shivers and digging to the back of my closet to find my warm clothes I hid last spring. As I start to prepare my outfits for Vegas, online shopping sounded like a much better idea. Really online shopping or heading off the store both sound like a better idea than organizing my closet, which I would have to do before I would actually find what I was looking for. So what am I planning for Las Vegas this year to stay stylishly warm? Well, I have decided to pack layers for Las Vegas and the NFR this year. With the thoughts of being cold walking outside and then warming up as you go in the different convention centers to shop, one needs to be fully prepared.

For one of my looks I decided to get the Mosey sweater in everyone’s favorite fall/winter color-mustard! I think we might be seeing lots of great mustard colored pieces this year, but for those of you not wanting to rock this great yellow color, the Mosey comes in navy. I paired my sweater with a fun leather skirt and some great turquoise pieces, put in a fun braid complete with concho hair ties and viola! I truly love this look for Vegas-you still get the comforts of being comfy in a great sweater, but you still bring a little edge with the leather skirt! You could also pair this top with some fun skinny jeans. I just chose the leather skirt because I love to put my own little twist on things!

Now for another fun option-for those who may not love the leather skirt, let’s switch it up to some leather leggings. I rocked my second look with a fun tank but you could also do a great graphic tee-whichever makes you feel great. Then to keep me warm, I paired it with a men’s Skink jacket! Yes, I said men’s! I mean the guys can’t have all the cool stuff and not share right?! Let me tell you, this jacket is honestly one of my favorite jackets to wear right now. You can wear it for ranch work then rock it in Vegas with some edge and class all while staying warm. Staying warm is important to me. I grew up in Colorado so I am no stranger to cold weather, but I am bound and determined not to freeze this winter especially in Las Vegas. I plan on staying stylishly warm and layered up! So, as you begin to pack those 50 lb suitcases for NFR, remember it is important to stay true to who you are. Find pieces that make you feel great and look great too, confidence is key no matter what you wear. Don’t be scared to step outside of the box a little-you might just surprise yourself!



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Look 1

Sweater: Kimes Mosey Sweater, Golden Camel

Turquoise Strand: Lil’ Bees Bohemian (Save a little using code Hannah10)

Hair Conchos: Leather By Shania

Look 2

Jacket: Kimes Ranch Men’s Skink Jacket

Turquoise Strand: Lil’ Bees Bohemian (Save a little using code Hannah10)

Hair Conchos: Leather By Shania