Green Jacket By Amy C. Witt


Green Jacket By Amy C. Witt

This green jacket you see

Goes everywhere with me

I sit tall in the saddle
This big horse I straddle

Roping yearlings
Aware of feelings

All of this nature
Creates stunning portraiture

As I ride through the day
Watching the hawks fly away

And the sun begins to set
As it highlights the West

It provides comfort and warmth
As I ride towards the North

This green Marino Bomber you see
It represents me

A cowgirl everyday
A delicate woman in every way

And always dressed to the nines

I'm wearing my Kimes.

From fishing to roping, I have never worn such a comfortable, functional and warm jacket. Olive green and silky, the Marino Bomber is rugged yet feminine and compliments well. The milk chocolate interior lining is lush and keeps the cold away on a nippy day. The olive green exterior is thick and rich with a pretty stitch. Along with its flexibility, it provides endless styling options and always makes me feel pretty.  

Photography Credit: Jamie Changala @changalaaussies