From the Land Down Under to the Land of the Free

Bill Norwood has been quite the traveler during his lifetime. The Australia native grew up showing and training all-around horses. He then made his move to the United States in 1997. Since moving to the states, he has lived in Texas, Oregon, California and is now back in Texas. Norwood has come to call Texas home and loves the ranch lifestyle the state brings.


“I went to Texas when I first came to America,” Norwood said. “I always loved Texas and felt at home there. I grew up in the country of Australia and I am a country boy at heart. Texas always had a good feel to it with the people and lifestyle. I moved to Oregon and California for work. I worked for Bob Avila in Oregon and then moved to California with him. I started my own business in California and met my wife there. We were there for the longest time, but we could never afford a ranch in California. The land is so expensive in southern California. I wanted my kids to grow up on a ranch. In order for us to have that lifestyle, we had to go somewhere affordable. We loved Texas. It is close to all the major events, it has the lifestyle we want with the kids and it is somewhere we can afford a ranch.”

Norwood’s wife, Kelli, grew up showing in the rodeo industry. She now shows at reining events along with their three children Austin, Ella and Grace.

“She likes to rodeo and did it in college,” Norwood said. “She just loves horses. She’s been showing reiners since she has been with me. It’s more of a hobby for her. Our three kids show too. At the Southwest Futurity, all four of them showed the same horse. Kelli was in non-pro, Austin was in the short stirrup, Ella was in the walk/jog and Grace was in leadline.”

Norwood knew Matt when he had the Longhorn Jean Company. He originally met Matt at a show in Burbank, California and really liked the jeans he tried on. Norwood was very impressed with the quality of the jeans from both LJC and Kimes Ranch.

“I wanted to try the jeans out and see how they were,” Norwood said. “I really like the feel, fit and quality of the jeans. The quality is a big thing for me. They changed to Kimes and I got another pair. I went to the World Equestrian Games three years ago and approached Matt with the opportunity to help promote the jeans. That’s basically when I became affiliated with them. I just love the quality. You can’t wear these things out. The Dillon is my favorite, I love them.”


We wish Norwood, his family and his clients the best of luck for the 2018 show season! Keep up with Norwood Performance Horses at their Facebook page:


~ Courtney Hall, Photos Courtesy of Veronika Photography