From Ranch Wear to Day Wear - Creating an Intentional Closet


If you’re anything like me, when you look into your closet you might prefer to find color schemes + items that can easily mix + match and carry you from season to season. Some call this idea the workings of a Capsule Wardrobe – I like to refer to it as smart shopping. For instance, when I buy mostly neutrals, it allows me to mitigate those "I have NOTHING to wear" moments while also maximizing the usage of my clothes. So when I go shopping, I make sure to buy items of the same color schemes as well as pieces that can easily be worn from season to season.

Other tips + tricks for creating a purposeful closet:

01 – Invest in quality staple clothing that will last you, year after year. Make sure and grab yourself a pair of these Bonnie's, the quality + softness of the denim is unbeatable for the price point.


02 – Think about these Q's when identifying your personal color palette: What color(s) do you love to wear? What is your power color? What makes you feel confident? 


03 – When you're out and about shopping (or if you're like me, shopping online at 2am when you should be sleeping) try to keep your color palette in mind. This will help to reduce "decision fatigue" at 6 in the morning when you're trying to rush out the door for work!

04 – Live by this philosophy: “If it’s not a hell yes, it’s a hell no.” Only buy it if it’s a “hell yes”! How many times have you skipped over clothes with the original tags still hanging only to reach for the same old clothes you always love to wear? Create a closet with more confidence-boosting-hell-yes’s!


05 – Don't forget to consider your lifestyle! Are you in an office all day or on the ranch? Maybe a little bit of both? What quality staple items can you purchase that can take you from ranch wear to day wear? A must have item that I’ve recently added to my closet is the Longrider Jacket. It’s functional yet stylish and so versatile that I’ve been able to wear it to help JF feed in cold + dreary Oklahoma weather but also wear it out on the town on a windy 80 degree day.

So tell me, how does your closet measure up? Does it leave you feeling confident + excited or does it give you those dreadful “I have nothing to wear” moments?

-Merrissa Palmer of Rad Maverix

**photos courtesy of: Brittany Coffee Photography (@brittanycoffeephoto)