Felt Hat Frenzy


Thunderclouds and shades of green are starting to appear out here on the plains of Eastern Colorado and it can only mean one thing: It must be Spring!  Just like the weather, my wardrobe is also ever-changing and one Spring trend in particular is allowing for an expansion of color and creativity.  I'm talking all about felts.  (Hats, that is).  While the felt frenzy is nothing new, the trend of adding bright pops of color in the form of head wear is!  Hat makers everywhere are constantly put to the challenge to create new and never before seen pieces, pushing the boundary of color, size and shape.  Adorned with turquoise stones or hand stamped leather bands, and in every shade one can think!  Spring styling is now as easy as putting on your hat! Custom made, made to order or one size fits all, this Spring you can bet that whether through a custom hat maker or through your local boutique, you can find a hat to fit your budget and style.  Fedora, cattleman and pencil curl too--the design options are nearly as endless as the shades of felt!  Styled using my Kimes ranch jeans, cami and solid duster, I've shown just how functional and transitional a colorful hat can be to any wardrobe!  From white and sophisticated to yellow and pink, expressing yourself has never been easier!


What color will you wear this Spring!?

Xoxo, Western Couture



Photography by Miss Millers Photography