Date Night With A Roper


It’s date night.

While most ladies put on their cutest dress, a pair of heels and their favorite shade of red lipstick for a night out on the town with their man, some date nights look a little different, especially if you’re married to a roper.


If you’re married to a roper, you put on your cutest pair of dirty jeans, throw on your best ball cap and head out for a night in the arena. You know that date night consists of roping steaks instead of eating them, You put on horn wraps, not lipstick. Instead of facing eachother at a table set for two, you face horses. And you don’t share a fancy bottle of wine, you share a cold one in a coozy.

Date night in the arena is a far cry from a typical date night. It’s more active. It’s dirtier. You share the evening with a bunch of smelly, pooping animals. The conversation is about whether your elbow is too low or which steers are duckers. But regardless of all the little things that make it so different from a quiet evening at a fancy steakhouse, one thing is the same: it’s quality time.


Regardless of the fact that you may take a blow to the knee by an ornery steer or be covered in a layer of fifth by the end of your evening, remember that being a roping wife –his hazer, his chute runner, his cattle loader, his dummy driver, his rope detangler and his hot shot runner—is a special title that few have or understand.

For a couple whose relationship is rooted in horses, riding and roping, it’s doing those things together serve as a reminder of your love. And, to some, there is no better date night.

“To have and to hold, from loading cattle and running the chute, while pulling your dummy behind a four wheeler and hazing your steer, from this day forward.”

-Stephanie, Courtroom Cowgirl