Clowning Around

Professional rodeo clowns have an intense job. They are responsible for entertaining the crowd while keeping the cowboys safe from the massive 1500-pound bull running around the arena. They are right smack dab in the middle of all the action during a rodeo. This week we will be highlighting our KRJ entertainer endorsee, Dave “Showtime” Meyer. You may have seen him on YouTube with his hilarious videos or at major rodeos across the country. What you may not know is that he actually started as a bull rider before becoming a rodeo clown.


“I absolutely love the sport of bull riding (and rodeo in general) and I love to make people smile, so being a rodeo clown is the perfect combination of two of my favorite things,” Meyer said. “I rode bulls for several years and I finally figured out that I am much better at entertaining fans than I ever was at riding bulls. I clowned my first show in September of 2013 and I've been hooked ever since. When will I quit clowning around? Probably never.”


Social media is a great way to promote yourself. Meyer utilized YouTube early on to reach people across the globe. His famous “horse screamer” videos along with others have thousands of views.

“Posting my videos on Facebook and YouTube is a great way to reach millions of people,” Meyer said. “God has blessed me with the gift of entertaining people, so why keep the fun all to myself? Some of those people will never see me perform in person, but I can still make them smile no matter how near or far away they live. I have developed a huge fan base with followers in every corner of the United States, as well as fans in Canada, Mexico, Germany, England, Australia and several other countries throughout the world. Posting videos on social media is the best way to reach my fans all around the world and it's also a great way to gain exposure and promote my awesome sponsors, like Kimes Ranch.”

Meyer was one of our first entertainer endorsees. We are so glad he was able to join our team and genuinely promote his love for our products.


“My videos of that crazy blonde barrel racer caught the attention of some people in the marketing department at Kimes Ranch,” Meyer said. “They reached out to me and asked if I would be interested in wearing some of their jeans in my videos. I have a rule that I only promote products that I personally would use and like, so I asked if they would send me some Kimes Ranch apparel to try before I made any kind of agreement. Well, I fell in love! I was so impressed with the quality of the jeans. I have been wearing Kimes Ranch Jeans ever since and I'm so thankful that they reached out to me.”

Meyer has two specific styles of Kimes Ranch Jeans that he sticks to.


“My favorite style was the Dillon until they released the new James,” Meyer said. “Now I can't decide which I like better. They both look great and are super comfortable. I wear the Dillon all day, every day and the James is my go-to for anything from date night to church. I really like the look of the raw, dark denim with the white stitching that the James has to offer.”

The future holds great things for Meyer and his career. His job has expanded from strictly rodeos and encompasses more entertaining at other events. He is thrilled with the success he has had and looks forward to the journey ahead.

“I'm amazed by the amount of success I've had in such a short amount of time,” Meyer said. “I initially had every intention of being strictly a rodeo clown, but over the past two years I've been booking standup comedy shows and providing entertainment at Christmas banquets, corporate events horse expos and so many other cool events, in addition to clowning approximately 50 shows a year. I've decided it's best not to make plans and it's better to just give God the reins and see where this ride takes me. I'm just going to continue to strive to be the best entertainer that you've ever seen, wherever I happen to be performing.”


Having a solid support system has been a huge blessing to Meyer. His family is behind him every step of the way.

“I may be the one in the spotlight on a regular basis, but I do my best to make sure that credit is given where credit is due,” Meyer said. “I have an amazing wife, three kids and some amazing sponsors, including Kimes Ranch Jeans, that are huge supporters of me. I wouldn't be where I am without their support. God continues to bless my career and I will continue to give Him the glory. I'm just out here in my Kimes Ranch gear, trying to be the source of a few smiles and let my light shine.”

We are so excited to see where the future takes Meyer. Kimes Ranch wishes him the best of luck at his upcoming events. Check out Dave “Showtime” Meyer on his social media platforms below!

Facebook - @Daveshowtimemeyer

Instagram - @daveshowtimemeyer

~ Courtney Hall, photos courtesy of Dave Meyer