A Cattleman's Work Is Never Done

In Colorado, Winter can be unpredictable.  One day you’re shoveling snow just to make it to the feed truck and the next you’re casually planning your outdoor bbq, wondering if it’s too early to pull out the kids’ pool.  The morning temperatures are often no reflection of the afternoon that’s in store and we’re often left scrambling to decide how to appropriatly dress for the varying forecasts!  As a woman, I get it—planning your outfit can be tough and I think that’s especially true for most of the men in our lives.  Whether you’re a rancher, rodeo man or anything in-between, most men need durability and functionality and also a product that is presentable for a day of work.  My husband for example, is both a farmer, rancher and owner of his own electrical company; he needs something that’s comfortable and tough enough to withstand a long day of physical labor, yet presentable enough to stand face to face with his clients!  The hunt for great quality products that are equally as fashion forward has been increasingly impossible.  Thankfully, we had the opportunity to try out some of our favorite Kimes Ranch gear and we put them to the test!    


The Tally Man Flannel Shirt is the perfect basic for any day of work.  Well structured and durable, it’s functional and practical.  The herringbone design allows for a subtle amount of class that makes this top perfect for work outside or in the office. 

For those more unpredictable days, when a flannel alone just won’t cut the cool air, it’s great idea to layer on.  A simple quarter zip sweater layered over the Tally Man Flannel is another great option for both, a day of work and night out on the town. 


Guys, the days are short and nights are long.  When you’re looking for a brand founded on hard work and products built for the american rancher, then look online or at your local retailer for Kimes Ranch Jeans.  Products designed to comfortably get you through a hard day’s work and fashionable enough to get you through a night out on the town.  Throw on your Kimes, because out there, somewhere, there is fence to fix, tubs to fill, water to break and cattle to cake;  a cattleman’s work is never done. 

xoxo -Western Couture | Whitney Benton