5 Things You Probably Didn’t Know About Robin Frid

Robin Frid is a very established trainer located in Texas. He and his wife, Jenny, own Robin Frid Show Horses and train all-around performance horses. We spoke with Frid and picked up five interesting facts you might not know about him. Keep reading to find out what they are!

1)    He is originally from Canada.

Frid wasn’t a U.S. citizen until 2002. He came to the United States with his father in the winter of 1994. The progression of becoming a citizen is a bit tricky and involves somewhat of a lottery system.

“I grew up in southern Ontario,” Frid said. “The business opportunities were so much stronger in the U.S. for the equine industry and for learning. I was very fortunate in that my dad was an adventurer. At that time, they still had a lottery system in place to become a legal resident in the U.S. You put your name in a hat and if your name got pulled it was a winner winner chicken dinner type thing. Dad’s name had gotten pulled and he was interested in trying something different. Luckily, I was still under 21 at the time and could still be considered a family member at that point and not exclusive by myself. I was able to travel to the U.S. under his name. It was a process. Dad and I crossed the border legally to become citizens and be a legal worker in the winter of 1994. After five years you were eligible to become a citizen and I was definitely procrastinating in getting that done. I became a legal citizen in 2002 after seven years of living in the states.”

2)    He loves to travel and has been to four of our seven continents.

The equine industry is worldwide. Our love for horses is all over this Earth. Being a judge an active trainer has given Frid the opportunity to travel abroad many times.

“The furthest I have been is New Zealand and Australia,” Frid said. “I have not had the opportunity to travel to Asia at all, which I’m not certain I have the desire to do so. At some point, I would really like to go to Africa and see different parts of it. Other than that, I have pretty much had the opportunity to travel where I want to go. It’s all because of the horse industry. I feel very fortunate that this industry has given me the opportunity to see a large part of the world.”


3)    He and his wife, Jenny, have produced amazing horsemanship and showmanship videos.

Technology is great for this generation. YouTube has changed the way we can learn essential mechanisms, especially when it is horse-related. Training videos are great for people wanted to try it on their own. Frid and his wife have created helpful videos that can benefit anyone.

“We did the horsemanship videos before Jenny and I were even married,” Frid said. “It was all filmed while I was still in Houston. A lot of the information in that video is still relevant, but we do need to update it. It shows how I start out the turnaround and other things. I used broke horses to show more of a finished product. I would like to go back and redo it using a younger green horse. The showmanship is really the first set of videos that have been done to my knowledge. What is very different about it is it’s a five-part series. Only the first two parts are done yet because our production has been a little slow. Jenny takes horses right from the very beginning in these videos. She took a horse that was extremely green in the beginning of the videos and she was actually showing what goes wrong and visibly showing the horse making mistakes. She starts from the basics and follows it through to where she shows a student with a horse practicing. It goes all the way through to a finished pattern with me talking through it from a judge standpoint. I don’t know of a showmanship video that truly shows you from beginning to end. We wanted to do it in smaller segments, so it is less expensive and you can use buy whichever segment would be advantageous for you. It can all be downloaded from our website, it isn’t a DVD.” 


4)    His facility features longhorns.

Kimes Ranch Jeans has a distinct design that resembles a set of longhorns on a cow. The facility Frid uses just so happens to have longhorn cattle lounging in the pastures next to the driveway.

“We don’t own our facility, we rent it from one of our clients and they own longhorns,” Frid said. “They moved here from Colorado and brought them with them. They had baby horns when they came and they have grown into beautiful animals. They are in the front pasture when you drive up. We have a beautiful facility to work in. It’s pretty great to drive up every morning, punch in the key pad code and see them standing on my left.”


5)    He is a CSI saddle pad distributor.

Frid kind of had the deal fall into his lap. He doesn’t claim it as his career, but it’s a great side job.

“I had ordered a bunch of them for our barn when I talked everyone into making the change,” Frid said. “I ordered like 15 or 16 pads and the owner called and asked if I wanted to be a distributor. I was like I’m just a horse trainer not a store owner. She said well you made the minimum order and I said well sure why not. I didn’t really do much and after a year went by a friend asked me to place an order for them. It has rolled from there. I do it to help my friends. I don’t push them on anyone. They are expensive, but very worth it. They are a great product and what I love about them is how long they last. One of my clients has one that is 15 years old and is still in great shape. It’s money well spent. It does absorb sweat, but it lets the pad move on the horse. I want it to hold my saddle stable, but have some motion.”

Frid was one of the original endorsees for Kimes Ranch and said his favorite pair of jeans is the Watson 2.0. We are very happy to have him on our team and wish him and Jenny the best of luck on the 2018 show season! To see more information about Robin Frid Show Horses check out their new website below:


~ Written by Courtney Hall, Photos Courtesy of Impulse Photography and Robin Frid