20 Ways to Use Horse Shoes

We all probably have hundreds if not thousands of horseshoes hanging around our barns and ranches. I know I seem to find random horseshoes quite often! Lately I have been looking for some uses to reuse them, I have compiled a list of my favorites below. 

  1. Bridle Rack- Use an old piece of wood laying around the barn, and you can bend the shoes to create hooks for bridles or halters.
  2. Hoof Picks- Have a friend who is handy at bending horseshoes?
  3. Holiday centerpieces
  4. Candle Holder- Creating an L from two pieces of rustic wood, place a mason jar and a small tea candle inside of the mason jar.
  5. Boot Rack
  6. Paper Towel Holder
  7. Toilet Paper Holder
  8. Wine bottle rack
  9. Toothbrush Holder
  10. Key Holder
  11. Towel Rack
  12. Napkin Holder
  13. Dream Catcher
  14. Wine Glass Holder
  15. Handles for drawers and cabinets
  16. Fire pit
  17. Coasters- Attach a cork backing to the horseshoes and you have coasters!
  18. Bookends
  19. Garden/Barn Horse Holder
  20. Fishing Pole Holder

Really the possbilties are endless if you can find the tools to bend horseshoes. Remember, there are always extras! Happy D-I-Ying

-Emily Bomgardner

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