An Ode to Canine Companions

Most equine enthusiasts own a trusty canine companion who is by their side every step of the way, or more truthfully a few canine companions. Most of these dogs are troopers. They endure countless hours of watching us do barn chores, ride horses, tagging along on trail rides and even spending their weekends at horse shows. Walk through any ranch, or barn aisle and you’re guaranteed to be harassed by a ranch dog….or 5. I wanted to take a moment to appreciate all that our four-legged ranch hands do for us.

Emma Bates’ “Cricket” and My trusty ranch hand “Davis” showing how hard they work at horse shows. 

  • Ranch welcoming committee, creating an “ice breaker” effect.
  • Topic of discussion-have nothing in common with the person next to you? Talk about your dog.
  • Therapist- We all spend more time talking to our dogs than people, just admit it already.
  • Dropped a curry comb? This is why the word fetch was invented?
  • Can’t find a curry comb? Find the dog, find the comb.
  • Loose horses? Bet you wish you would’ve trained that darn dog to do something other than lay there like a good boy!
  • Bad Day? Tell it all to those two floppy ears, who’s response is almost always a wet kiss!
  • Need a trail riding companion? Guess who’s trotting right beside you up and down those trails?
  • Good Day? Probably caused by the dog.

“Davis” oversees the tacking up and grooming of Susan Wilson’s “Tag Yer Shiney” in preparation for a show.  

I could write a novel about the ways that my dogs help around the barn. They have many roles that include but are not limited to: fetching lost items, being responsible for lost items, rearranging the patterns cones I just put out, chasing loose horses…the list is literally endless. But at the end of the day whether it was good or bad, those dirty dogs will always have a warm bed and food in their bellies because life just wouldn’t be possible without them.

-Emily Bomgardner 

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