Taking Care Of Business Down The Rodeo Trail

When you're on the rodeo trail you still have responsbilities to take care of just like you do at home. But - when you're on the rodeo trail for countless hours a day you have to do things a little bit differently. Today I'm here to tell you folks how to handle your business / sponsorship obligations down the Rodeo trail in a managable time frame.

When you're driving down the Rodeo trail the main thing on your mind is getting on down the trail to your destination. In order for you to do that you're going to have too plan accordingly. By that, I mean, leaving where your at a couple hours early just in case you run into some traffic, a wreck etc. 

When I wake up early to hit the rodeo trail I usually don't eat breakfast until 10 AM which is usually the first place I stop at to fill the gas tank. Here's how it works, most truck stops have free Wi-Fi. I always try to find a Flying J or LOVE's gas stop because their gas isn't too expensive and they have home cooking country cafes where you're able to get a good meal in for the day and work on your Sponsorship obligations etc. In the mornings I try to take care of the bigger sponsorship obligations first.

Now that you have the bigger sponsorship obligations taken care of in the morning you won't have to stop and spend time on obligations throughout the day. There are times you'll wanna stop at a gas station to get a drink and make sure  you have no important messages/phone calls etc. My favorite gas stations/fast food chains for a cold soda pop are McDonald's and Pilot! You can't beat $1.00 for an ice cold coca cola on a hot day and FREE Wi-Fi to do some quick Sponsorship obligations in the afternoon!

Now that it's night time you should have a of your obligations/interviews etc. Completed. What's left should be the little things for ex. Picture posts, daily recap etc. All those things can be done before you go to bed or before you have a fun night out with your friends! 
Hopefully this blog answers all of your questions to your rodeo trail sponsorship obligation needs! One more thing, if you're looking for chargers for your laptop and cell phone almost all truck stop sell chargers for $10.00 or less! Good luck and happy trails ~

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