Colors for Fall

If you think back to February, you will remember #fashionpaige reporting on Pantone’s color of the year, Marsala. I wanted to expand on this a bit and talk about the Pantone fall 2015 color palette. It is about that time that amateurs and open riders are shopping for new outfits for the world shows and everyone is searching for the perfect look for the All American Quarter Horse Congress coming up in October so I figured I would talk about the colors for fall that would be great additions to your show wardrobe.

The palette is known as “An evolving color landscape” and combines earthy neutrals with bold color statements. If you visit the Pantone website and look for the fashion color report for fall 2015 you can watch a video of the executive director of the Pantone Color Institute, Leatrice Eiseman expand on the color palette. The colors this season reflect both the roaring 20’s and the hippie era of the 60’s and 70’s. Another interesting aspect is that this is the first color scheme that is truly unisex. This means that regardless of gender, you can be sporting these popular colors in the show pen this fall!

Dried Herb: An earthy color no longer just for safari or military but can be sophisticated and chic

Desert Sage: A cool, timeless, greenish-gray. This is the ideal neutral for the fall 2015 palette

Stormy Weather: Enduring blue-gray color that speaks of quality and luxury

Oak Buff: Mellow color that is comforting and brings good feelings

Marsala: A rich color to add warmth and robustness 

Biscay Bay: A teal color inspired by tropical waters

Reflecting Pond: A deep blue color that stands for stability and security

Cadmium Orange: A warm color exuding fun and playfulness

Cashmere Rose: An upscale, soft pink hue

Amethyst Orchid: The purple color that is bold and exciting

If you generally prefer the more subdued looks, the first five colors are neutral and can be combined with themselves or you favorite color to create the perfect look. It is nice to search for a jacket or vest with a combination of neutral colors with a pop of color like the cadmium orange or amethyst orchid. Remember to find something you are comfortable in because looks aren’t always the most important, but you will perform better and fell more confident in something that you enjoy wearing into the show pen. Hopefully this got you inspired and good luck the rest of the show season!


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