Worlds busiest Rodeo and Bull Riding Weekend

This past weekend was filled with SO much rodeo and bull riding action. We had the San Antonio Stock Show, San Angelo Rodeo going on along with the Rodeos in Arizona. Then you had the PBR Iron Cowboy event, and RFD-TV'S The American on Sunday! Let's find out who the winners are from these events..
First Off, let's talk about the PBR Iron Cowboy. This weekend's PBR event was a one day event in Arlington, TX at the AT&T stadium. This event was a little bit different then all of the other rounds that they have.. Here's how this weekend's PBR event went down. You have your very first round of 40 some bull riders, and all these bull riders in the first round have to ride their bulls for 8 to advance to the second round. All the guy's that advanced to the second round now have to ride all of their bulls for 8 to the third round. But, the cool thing about the third round is that the riders got to draw their bulls by picking a name out of a bowl. Here we are in the Third and final round Joao Ricardo Vieira, Stetson Lawrence, and Tanner Byrne just to name a few. We are in the third round, and waiting to see who stays on their bull the longest. Stetson Lawrence, didn't stay on for 8 and Tanner Byrne did not stay on his bull for 8. That leaves Joao Ricardo Vieira who stole the crowds attention with a SWEET ride on a bull named Crack The Whip (J.A.R.S. Bucking Bulls/Gene Owen) and rode that bull ALLLLL the way to the buzzer for 88.5 points!! Here's is a video of Joao's winning ride below:

Your 2015 Iron Cowboy is, Joao Ricardo Vieira! (Photo Credit: PBR)

Second, let's talk about RFD-TV'S The American! Everyone that I know and talked too could not wait for this event to start on Sunday! There was SO much hype built up about this event, and SO many athletes we were looking forward to compete at this event. Some of the athletes that I was looking forward to see compete were Amberley Snyder, Shane Hanchey, Taylor Price and Richmond Champion! I'm a HUGE bareback and Saddle Bronc Riding fan. It's just something about those horses and riders that really add more character to the event. Lol, anyways.. Let's shine the light on the Rodeo Cowboys and Cowgirls that walked away from this event crowned champions:

Bareback Riding - Taylor Price
Team Roping - Kaleb Driggers And Travis Graves
Steer Wrestling - KC Jones
Saddle Bronc Riding - Wade Sundell
Tie-Down Roping - Reese Riemer
Barrel Racing - Lisa Lockhart
Bull Riding - Silvano Alves

Congratulations to ALL of the 2015 The American Champions we are SO proud of you all!! Stay tuned for more details on The American Rodeo in 2016.. 

Third, Let's see who was crowned champion at the Scottsdale Ariz Pro Rodeo that was going on this past weekend! Your 2015 Scottsdale Ariz Champions are:

Bareback Riding - (TIE) Morgan Heaton on Salt Rivers Rodeo's Head Light and Luke Creasy on Salt River Rodeo's Hatchet Jack, 77 Points Each 
Steer Wrestling - Clayton Morrison, 4.0 Seconds
Team Roping - Jo Jo LeMond / Josh Patton, 4.3 Seconds
Saddle Bronc Riding - John Redig, 81 points on Rocky Mountain Rodeo's Honeybuns
Tie-Down Roping - Tuf Cooper, 8.1 Seconds 
Barrel Racing - Rachel Dice, 17.29 Seconds 
Bull Riding - LJ Jenkins, 85 Points on Salt River Rodeo's Regulator

Congratulations to ALL of the winners! 

Here are your 2015 San Antonio Stock Show And Rodeo Champions

Bareback Riding - Kaycee Feild
Steer Wrestling - Seth Brockman
Team Roping - Kaleb Driggers And Travis Graves
Saddle Bronc Riding - Rusty Wright 
Tie-Down Roping - Cory Solomon
Barrel Racing - Sherry Cervi 
Bull Riding - Chandler Bownds

Here are you 2015 San Anglo PRCA Rodeo Champions

Bareback Riding - Austin Foss, 174 Points on Two Head 
Steer Wrestling - Beau Clark, 11.9 Seconds On Three Head 
Team Roping - Eli Lord/Levi Lord, 15.9 Seconds on Three Head 
Saddle Bronc Riding - Wade Sundell, 177 Points On Two Head 
Tie-Down Roping - (Tie) J.C. Malone and Bart Brunson, 26.0 Seconds 
Barrel Racing - Dena Kirkapatrick, 44.92 Seconds on three head 
Bull Riding - Dalan Duncan, 162 Points on Two Head 

Again, Congratulations to ALL of the winners that walked away this weekend as champions! You all worked so hard to come this far! Hard work beats talent when talent doesn't work hard!

Last but not least, this week I had the chance to interview Professional bullfighter Judd Napier. I had a blast interviewing this Hawaiian bullfighter who now calls Colorado home. Judd, has fought bulls at some of the TOP PRCA events such as Steamboat Springs, Co and Fort Benton, MT! To see what Judd has up his sleeves in 2015 check out my FULL interview with Judd Napier by clicking the link below:

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